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Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage is an owner-operated, experienced plumbing company offering a complete range of professional plumbing services to the East Gippsland region. Based in the East Gippsland, Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage has been going above and beyond for clients for over a decade. Specialising in drainage, we offer unmatchable service in general plumbing, irrigation, wastewater systems and sub-surface drainage.  Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage is a trusted company in East Gippsland, providing enduring plumbing solutions with professionalism and integrity at a fair price, whether you’re a home-owner, business-owner or managing Strata.


General Plumbing

We offer a complete range of plumbing services. Leaking taps and blocked drains are our bread and butter but there is no job too big or too small. With over a decade of experience we have the knowledge and know-how to fix all your day-to-day plumbing problems with top quality service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Installs and Upgrades

Micah Fekete can be trusted for all new system installations and upgrades. We can help with hot water systems, kitchen appliances, wastewater systems and anything plumbing or drainage related. New installations should be done right the first time to prevent future malfunction and we specialise in providing the highest-quality of service for your new installation or upgrade.

Septic and Sewer

There are rules and regulations that dictate how you can and can’t manage wastewater in Victoria and it’s best to always find an experienced hand to help you navigate the law. Micah Fekete is a trusted name in dealing with the repair, replacement or removal of septic and sewer systems. For no-fuss septic and sewer solutions contact Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage.


It’s important that irrigation systems are installed and maintained to maximize efficiency. Not only can irrigation systems be wasteful but they can be costly in the long-term. From maintenance and installation to fault-finding and repair, we offer a full-range of agricultural and non-agricultural irrigation services to get the most out of your irrigation system.

Stormwater Drains

Poorly installed or maintained storm-water drains can lead to serious and irreparable damage to your property. Erosion, pollution and flooding can occur if problems are left unchecked. We offer experience and knowledge in how best to install, repair, recycle or upgrade your stormwater runoff systems to ensure these issues don’t arise.

Sub-surface Drains

Wet soils and seepage can cause serious damage and inefficiencies on your property. Sub-surface drainage systems can help but there are complex technical aspects to installation that need to be considered. We are trained and experienced in sub-surface drainage maintenance and installation and are happy to provide solutions upon consultation.

Civil Drainage

Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage is able to handle all aspects of civil drainage works. Whether you’re looking to subdivide, install retention systems and council stormwater drains, or complete sewer diversions – we have the expertise to complete all works to a high standard and with regulatory compliance.

Who We Service


From leaking taps and blocked drains to appliance installation and serious sub-surface leaks we have homeowners covered for all plumbing and drainage needs. It’s a cliché but there truly is no job too big or small.  All work is insured and comes with a guarantee of honesty and transparency.


Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage has solutions for all commercial properties and systems. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality service on all projects, from maintenance to new system installation. For reliable and experienced on-site and ongoing commercial plumbing contact Micah Fekete.

Property Managers

We are committed to going above and beyond for property owners while keeping the prices down. Our dedication to providing long-lasting, cost-effective plumbing and drainage solutions makes us the perfect choice for property owners. We can help with repair work and proactive servicing so you never experience unnecessary and inconvenient faults.

Strata Managers

You can trust and rely on Micah Fekete to solve your Strata plumbing and drainage issues. We specialise in preventative and fault-finding plumbing services, saving you the headache when a system malfunctions. We are fully equipped to solve all your strata management challenges with prompt and professional service.

Why Choose Our East Gippsland Plumbing Services

Open Communication

Open and honest communication is one of the ways Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage sets itself apart from other plumbing services. We always clearly and directly communicate throughout the entire process.. It’s our policy to keep you in the loop every step of the way, making sure to eliminate any uncertainty.

Total Service

Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage offers cutting edge plumbing solutions delivered with an old-fashioned attention to detail. We offer free comprehensive quotes and appraisal of works making sure to be fair in everything we do. Going above and beyond is our every day, knowing you’re satisfied keeps us happy and if something goes wrong, we’ll happily come back and fix it.  Always being punctual and professional when helping our clients is part of why we are a respected name in East Gippsland.


Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage is an owner-operated business, so you only deal with one person from quote to completion. With over a decade of experience in plumbing and drainage, we have the knowledge required to complete all jobs big and small. I build up relationships with my clients so I can better understand what works for them and what I quote is what I deliver, every time.

Reputation Matters

As an owner-operator, my business is my reputation. I do everything in my power to ensure you have the best plumbing experience possible and as a matter of pride, always go above and beyond your expectations.  All our plumbing and draining services are completed on time, professionally and to the highest possible standard. It’s my name behind the business and I always strive to deliver on our reputation.

Dedicated to Quality

Running a business with integrity means delivering the highest quality possible and everything we do is done to last. We only use top of the line tools and parts because we know there is nothing more frustrating than issues further down the track. As part of our dedication to quality we even instruct you on how best to manage your systems to prevent any future malfunction.


Hi, I’m Micah Fekete, the owner-operator of Micah Fekete Plumbing and Drainage. When you put your name to a business it means putting your reputation behind everything you do and through my company I’ve been providing above and beyond plumbing services in East Gippsland for over a decade. Years ago, I was fortunate enough to do my apprenticeship under one of the best plumbers in East Gippsland. Not only did he have an encyclopaedic knowledge of plumbing, gas and drainage but he also had a hard-forged reputation for being an old-fashioned hard worker who was happy to solve any problem with a smile on his face. It is these values that I’ve carried forward into running my own business, knowing that being punctual, personable, professional and reliable is all part of what makes a good plumber and contributes to ensuring you have the best plumbing experience in East Gippsland.


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