MF Plumbing and Drainage in South Yarra Wants to be Your Plumber and Contractor

Publication Date: February, 26, 2020

MF Plumbing and Drainage is a family owned and operated plumber and contractor business. We are experienced in residential, commercial, industrial, and civil plumbing and drainage projects. We maintain and repair existing infrastructure as well as install new and can also provide concreting if you need slabs, walkways, or driveways.

MF Plumbing and Drainage: Experienced and Knowledge Plumbers in South Yarra

We got our start in a small town in the country and have over ten years’ experience in the plumbing and drainage industry. When we started out, our customers were our friends and neighbours, and they spread the word that we provide high-quality plumbing services.

Now we are in the suburbs in the eastern section of the greater Melbourne area such as South Yarra, but we have the same mentality that we are serving our friends and neighbours. Our high-quality customer service will assure you we are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced plumbers and contractors in South Yarra. We provide all your plumbing, hot water, drainage, sewer, maintenance, and concreting needs and so much more.

State of the Art Plumbing Contractor in South Yarra

We can provide quality work because we keep our equipment up to date and use current technology. One of our pieces of equipment that helps us help you is our closed-circuit television or CCTV. We use our CCTV in conjunction with a flexible camera. We can move the camera through pipes that otherwise would be cut off from view. The images from the camera are sent through the CCTV to a high definition LCD monitor.

By using our camera, CCTV, and LCD monitor, we can see leaks, cracks, and blockages that would be impossible to view without the technology. Without the technology, extensive and expensive excavation would be required to diagnose a problem. Now we can evaluate and repair problems without major digs. We can make you a digital copy of what we see so you can make informed decisions about possible solutions.

If our CCTV set up discovers a blockage, we can remove it using our jet blaster. Our jet blaster uses high-pressure water to remove the roots and debris that are causes of problems. Our jet blasting techniques can save you money because we can extract blockages instead of having to replace drainage pipes.​

When drainage and sewer pipes need attention in the yard, we have a mini excavator to help. The mini excavator allows us to reach limited access areas and we can excavate the necessary areas without creating damage to other parts of your property. Our knowledge in and commitment to the latest equipment and technology will save you time and money.

MF Plumbing and Drainage wants to be your plumbing contractors. We want to maintain and service your existing plumbing or install new fixtures to keep water flowing where you want it and keep water out of where you don’t. Call on MF Plumbing and Drainage to talk to you about your needs or set up a free consultation.